How to Learn Something New Using the Internet

Many people are limited in what they can do because they don’t know how to learn to do something that they haven’t been taught already how to do. Well I have news, you can learn to do most anything without having to interact with a single human being. This is important because of the chronic unavailability of the human beings that would know how to do what you want to know how to do or the cost involved in soliciting those human beings to teach you. Granted many of us have been given a great many gifts throughout our lives represented in the things that people have taken the time to teach us that we may never have learned otherwise and to all those people who have helped us, Thank you.

For many things though there is a way for you to learn on your own if your willing.

  1. Wikipedia your topic
    1. Do this to refine exactly what it is that you want to learn and establish relevant terminology in your topic area
  2. Search ITunesU for your topic and any related terms
    1. You will often be able to come up with a couple of college classes and some free podcasts that are related to your topic
  3. Search Youtube for your topic and any related terms
    1. It’s amazing how much information is out there on youtube
  4. Google your topic and related terms
    1. Good old google, probably not the best place to start but once you have exhausted the others then this is where you go next

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