Find all files with NTFS Alternate Data Streams using PowerShell

  1. Open Powershell
  2. cd to the directory or the root of a drive where you want to recursively look for alternate data streams
  3. Run the following command (requires PowerShell V3)

gci -recurse | % { gi $_.FullName -stream * } | where stream -ne ':$Data'

To test that this works properly navigate to a random directory on your computer and run the following commands:

new-item test.txt -Type file
Add-Content test.txt "test content"
Add-Content test.txt -str HiddenStream "Hidden test content stored in the stream"
get-content .\test.txt
get-content test.txt -str HiddenStream

Now navigate to some folder above the directory where you ran these commands and run the command to find all files with alternate data streams and you should see our test.txt file come up.

For a more complete description of what you can do with NTFS Alternate Data Streams in PowerShell V3 please check out this blog post.


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