Best rack nuts I have ever used

Over the years I have installed and removed countless devices from various racks. Doing this immediately leads you to despise getting your hands cut up by trying to remove rack nuts that are too stiff or trying to remove them with a screw driver and stabbing your hand because you never happen to have that special little tool lying around when you need it.

After dealing with those issues I worked to find the best rack nuts on the market and for the last few years we have exclusively used rack nuts like those listed here.

These rack nuts are so easy to work with that whenever we move anything we always throw away whatever rack nuts were there and use these instead. They are plyable enough to be clipped in and out with your hands but strong enough to hold the heaviest UCS blade chasis in place without any issues. 

Sometimes its the little things in life that make things great and these rack nuts are a joy to work with for anyone who has ever had to struggle with inferior rack nuts before.


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