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Strange C# Syntax if You Come from the Java World

I have bumped into some strange syntax over the last couple of days and I just found that wikipedia’s page on C# covers a lot of the abnormalities that I have been trying to understand. Things like Lamda expressions ( => ), the Null Coalese operator ( ?? ), Nullable types ( int? ), and Automatic Properties (public string Name { get; private set; } ) have all shown up in our websites code base and have required me to find out what exactly they do before I could start working with them.

Wikipedia C# Article

Once you know the correct terminology’s library is certainly the best place for getting complete information on these characteristics of the C# language.


Getting Started with ASP.Net

I have just begun working on an established codebase for an eCommerce site that uses utilizese Commerce Server 2007, BizTalk 2006, and Dynamics NAV (Navision 4.0). The site is written in C# and ASP.Net and so I have been getting up to speed on the related technologies and how to work with them and I figured I would share some ASP.Net related links that I found today.

ASP.NET Web Server Control Event Model

ASP.NET Application Life Cycle Overview for IIS 5.0 and 6.0

ASP.NET Page Life Cycle Overview

ASP.NET Session State Overview

ASP.NET State Management Overview

ASP.NET State Management Recommendations

I have not been involved in web development before and many of the paradigms are new to me so I found it very helpful to familiarize myself with how an ASP.Net application actually lives and breathes.

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