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How to copy a function in Dynamics NAV C/Side

From the Functions list right click on the bar to the right and click copy, select a new blank line, and click paste.

I know, dead simple right? Some times it helps to have these things out there as it’s easy to miss that this is possible in C/Side.

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Syntax you may not remember in C/AL

Using IN with values from an option field to test whether a field is set to one of the values in a subset of the total options.

IF (Status IN [Status::Open, Status::Authorized, Status::Closed] = TRUE) THEN BEGIN

Keyboard shortcuts that every Dynamics NAV developer should know

A ‘,’ separates items that come in a sequence for instance Alt, F, S would mean press Alt, let go, press F, let go, and finally press S.
A ‘+’ separates keys that are suppose to be pressed at the same time. Alt + D would mean press and hold Alt while pressing D

From the C/AL Editor window

ALT, V, B – Shows the C/AL globals
ALT, V, A – Shows the C/AL locals

From the Object Designer

ALT + D – Design the current object
ALT + R – Run the current object

From either

ALT > F > S to save
CTRL + F to find

Foreach in CAL

So when I go to do this again I will have something to refer back to:

WITH r_RecordVariableName DO BEGIN
  // SetFilters and SetRanges
    UNTIL NEXT = 0;

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Getting Started with ASP.Net

I have just begun working on an established codebase for an eCommerce site that uses utilizese Commerce Server 2007, BizTalk 2006, and Dynamics NAV (Navision 4.0). The site is written in C# and ASP.Net and so I have been getting up to speed on the related technologies and how to work with them and I figured I would share some ASP.Net related links that I found today.

ASP.NET Web Server Control Event Model

ASP.NET Application Life Cycle Overview for IIS 5.0 and 6.0

ASP.NET Page Life Cycle Overview

ASP.NET Session State Overview

ASP.NET State Management Overview

ASP.NET State Management Recommendations

I have not been involved in web development before and many of the paradigms are new to me so I found it very helpful to familiarize myself with how an ASP.Net application actually lives and breathes.

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