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Finally a Free Useable Video Editor

I have been on the hunt for free video editing software for a while. I have tried all the usual suspects with none of them satisfying my need for a simple program that allows me to chop up video, mash together chopped up pieces and then save the video in a file format that makes sense.

Let me cut to the chase, I have tried to find Avid Free DV,its extinct give up on that one.

I have tried to use Virtual Dub, to call it clunky would be gracious. The fact that I still can’t chop up multiple videos into multiple parts and then mix them back together again without an esoteric knowledge of this and a few other assisting software packages is unacceptable.

I have tried almost every free piece of software on Wikipedia’s List of Video Editing Software and at the time that I went through them I came up with nothing that would satisfy my simple requirement of chopping up videos and mixing the chopped up portions back together again simply and quickly via a nice gui.

Recently I stumbled across NCH Software’s Video Pad

This piece of software is amazing for a free product. If you were on the hunt for a free video editor that is actually usable and can still be found then I highly recommend Video pad to you. While your at it check out NCH’s other software. These people crank out some very interesting software that I don’t see from anyone else on the market for the prices they offer it at.