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Clean up Active Directory Computers and Users with stock PowerShell

Here two commands that will quickly help you delete computers and users from active directory that havn’t logged on for over a month.

For computers use:

Get-ADComputer -properties LastLogonDate -filter * | where LastLogonDate -LT (get-date).AddDays(-30) | Remove-ADObject -Recursive

For users use:

Get-ADUser -properties LastLogonDate -filter * | where LastLogonDate -LT (get-date).AddDays(-30) | Remove-ADObject -Recursive

Both commands will prompt you before deleting the object so that you can sanity check each deletion before it occurs and if your unsure simply choose not to delete that object.

It’s quick, easy, and if you simply delete the things your sure you can delete you will likely be leaps ahead of where you started.

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